Methanol Sanitizer Recall List By FDA Expands (Don’t Worry, Bahama Bo’s NOT on the List)


Bahama Bo’s sanitizer DOES NOT contain methanol.

(Updated 1/28/21) Methanol sanitizer recalls from Mexico-based manufacturers continue to stay in the news cycle (this has been in four news cycles now since mid-2020) and a lot of people are wanting to make sure the sanitizer they have been using is safe. Good news for Bahama Bo’s users–our products DO NOT CONTAIN methanol. Sorry for the all-caps, I don’t intend to shout, but we want to be clear. At Bahama Bo’s, there’s no methanol in the sanitizer we make. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Bahama Bo’s sanitizer is FDA registered and is manufactured in five plants in the US and was previously manufactured also in one plant in Mexico. Bahama Bo’s sanitizer is 70% ethyl alcohol–the CDC recommends hand sanitizer be at least 60% alcohol–it kills 99.9% of germs, and has been used in hospitals across the US. (Check the label on your Bahama Bo’s sanitizer bottle to learn where your sanitizer was made. But Bahama Bo’s sanitzer is safe to use no matter where it was manufactured.) Our previous Mexico-based manufacturer was in Lerma, Mexico. It is called Iron Lab, and has not been affiliated in any way with the manufacturers named in the news about methanol sanitizer recalls.

FDA Registered Sanitizer at

Bahama Bo’s is FDA registered and has been used in hospitals across the US.

How can Bahama Bo’s be so sure our products don’t have methanol? Great question. It’s probably why you’re reading this article. Methanol is an alcohol product derived from wood. It is an ingredient. Methanol does not “appear” in a product (it doesn’t just show up like mold grows on food). If a sanitizer product tests positive for methanol, it’s because it was intentionally used as an ingredient. Bahama Bo’s uses ethyl alcohol that is derived from sugar cane or corn. We do not use and have never used methanol because it is known to be a toxic chemical. Because of this recent FDA recall of sanitizer products with methanol, we began testing on-site at our Mexico plant to prove we do not use methanol, and the FDA tested our truckloads of sanitizer at the Mexico/US border to ensure our products do not contain methanol. (Today, however, we no longer obtain sanitizer from our Mexico-based manufacturer.) Simply put, we have always tested negative for methanol because we never use methanol. Additionally, our products are independently tested by multiple US-based companies (several of our vendors) for quality and safety.

“At Bahama Bo’s,

there’s NO METHANOL in sanitizer we make.

Zero. Zilch. Nada.”

Here are some details to help you better understand the reason for the recalls, along with links to other articles about the recalls.

In mid June of 2020, the FDA issued a warning in an article entitled, “FDA advises consumers not to use hand sanitizer products manufactured by Eskbiochem.” In that article, the FDA explains that methanol is a toxic chemical that has very unhealthy side effects and some of the products manufactured by Eskbiochem in Mexico contain methanol. So they issued a national recall for nine products.

Then, the FDA did more research recently, expanded their recall of sanitizer with methanol, and now their list also includes sanitizer products that are deemed to be “subpotent” –that is, not containing enough active ingredient to be effective. To be clear, some sanitizer products have claimed to contain a certain level of active ingredient, but the FDA discovered through testing that they were below the recommended level of the active ingredient per CDC standards, which led to a recall by the FDA. Bahama Bo’s sanitizer is tested and documented to contain 70% ethyl alcohol (CDC recommends at least 60% alcohol), provable by our official Safety Data Sheet forms. 

The FDA sanitizer recall list continues to expand, below is a current list of companies recalled for a variety of reasons..

Bahama Bo’s is NOT AFFILIATED with any of the companies or recalls listed below.

Bahama Bo’s is tested and documented to contain 70% ethyl alcohol, provable by our Safety Data Sheet forms.


New Expanded List of Companies with Products Being Recalled by FDA for Sanitizer with Methanol or Made at Same Plant Where Methanol Was Found in Other Sanitizer:

4E Global, SAPI de CV (Mexico)

AAA Cosmetica (Mexico)

Albek de Mexico SA de CV (Mexico)

Broncolin, SA de CV (Mexico)

DDI Multinacional SA de CV (Mexico)

DMM Vission SA de CV

Eskbiochem SA de CV (Mexico)

Grupo Asimex de Mexico SA De CV (Mexico)

Grupo Insoma, S.A.P.I. de CV (Mexico)

Grupo Plast Y Kosas Sa De CV (Mexico)

Grupo Yacana Mexico SAS De Cv

Ignacio Reyes Gonzalez  

Incredible Products SA de CV (Mexico)

Ismar Soluciones Dinámicas S de RL de CV (Mexico)

Jose Miguel Gutierrez Salas (Mexico)


Laboratorios Jaloma, SA de CV (Mexico)

Limpo Quimicos SA de CV (Mexico)


Liqesa Exportacion or Liq-E-S.A. de CV (Mexico)


Maquiladora Miniara, SA de CV (Mexico)


MXL Comercial SA de CV (Mexico)


MYM Hidrominerales SA de CV (Mexico)


Mystic International SA de CV (Mexico)


Notarika SA de CV (Mexico)


Open Book Extracts (North Carolina)


Plastico Las Palmas SA de CV (Mexico)


Real Clean Distribuciones SA de CV


Roque Plast SA de CV (Mexico)

SG24 LLC (Georgia)

Soluciones Cosmeticas SA de CV (Mexico)

Transliquid Technologies (Mexico)

Tritanium Labs USA LLC (Made at Same Mexico Plant as Other Methanol-Positive Product)

Tropicosmeticos SA de CV (Mexico)

Volu-Sol, Inc. (Utah)


Yara Elena De La Garza Perez Nieto

Corporativo Bureli SA de CV (Mexico)


Companies Recalled Because of Microbial Contamination or Other Reasons

Harmonic Nature S de RL de MI (Mexico)

Nanomateriales SA de CV (Mexico)

Spartan Chemical Co Inc. (Ohio)

Yangzhou Olande Cosmetic Co. Ltd (China)

Companies Declared to Manufacture “Subpotent” Sanitizer:

DEPQ Internacional S de RL de CV (Mexico)

Healthy Foods & Nutrition Lab de Mexico SA de CV (Mexico)

Quimica Magna de Mexico SA de CV (Mexico)

Santa Cruz Biotechnology (Texas)


As this story develops, we’ll update this article so you can have the latest info as it relates to the safety of hand sanitizer, sanitizer manufacturers, product recalls and similar issues.


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Bahama Bo’s is a family owned and operated business located in the US. We share your concern about this issue and it is our top priority to make sure that all of our products are safe to use. We hope you’ll find this information relevant and useful. And we hope you’ll feel even better about trusting Bahama Bo’s as a brand that’s high quality and safe to use for you, your family, friends, neighbors, guests, customers, coworkers.

Please be safe and be well. We’ll be here to help however we can.

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Originally Published 7/8/2020

UPDATED 1/28/2021


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  1. Susan

    Thank you so much for this post assuring that your products do not contain methanol! I had never used Bahama Bo’s prior to the pandemic and was not familiar with your company. On seeing that my bottle of your hand sanitizer was made in Mexico I became concerned, but feel very reassured now that I’ve checked out your site. I appreciate your company’s good values and responsive approach!

    1. Tucker Andrews

      Our pleasure, Susan. It is very understandable to be concerned about this topic and we take product safety very seriously. Thanks again for your feedback.

  2. Lisa

    I’m tasked with providing PPE to all our offices, and was so grateful to find out I could just call this company and ask them the questions I was being asked about their hand sanitizer. It’s so refreshing to have a person willing to talk a consumer through it. I no longer feel like I’m asking my offices to trust me when I’m not sure at all who made the product or what’s in it. Tucker was very patient with me on the phone as he helped me understand the ingredients, manufacturing, and supply chain of the product and other products on the market. Above and beyond!

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