Antibacterial Hand Soap 16.9 Oz Bottle, Mixed Berry Scent

+ Antibacterial Hand Soap 16.9 Oz Bottle

+ Mixed Berry Scent

+ Kills 99.9% of Germs

+ With Moisturizers, Including Aloe Vera


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Bahama Bo’s Hand Soap 16.9 Oz Bottle, Mixed Berry

Handwashing is more important now than ever before. And Bahama Bo’s believes in finding a way to enjoy every moment, whenever possible. So we made great-smelling antibacterial soap for the masses. This particular bottle smells like mixed berries. And while that’s fun for your sense of smell, the fact that it kills 99.9% of germs is good for your sense of well-being. It also contains moisturizers like aloe vera. So your hands are left feeling soft, clean, and almost delicious. But seriously, don’t eat this soap or your hands (because they do smell just like mixed berries). It’s actually just amazing-smelling soap that kills germs.

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