Beach Sticker, Palm Trees and Hammock, 3.5"

+ 3.5″ Vinyl Sticker

+ Perfect for the Car, Laptops, & Notebooks

+ Indoor/Outdoor Approved

+ Laminated for Added Protection

+ Made in the USA



Beach Sticker, Palm Trees and Hammock, 3.5″

Some people have a scene like this for a screensaver. It’s the kind of place, the kind of feeling, you want to be reminded of. It’s soothing. Chill. Relaxed. Peaceful. Awesome. Question: If you’re in that hammock, what are you doing? Reading a book? Napping? Sipping? Singing? See how fun it is to think about this? And actually, that’s not just a sticker by the way. It’s our logo. Pretty cool right. Put this Beach Sticker somewhere you’ll see daily, and go there in your mind as often as possible.

Bahama Bo’s Beach Sticker, palm trees and hammock, is an indoor/outdoor vinyl sticker. Perfect for cars, laptops, school notebooks, or anywhere you think might want to take a mental vacation for a few seconds.

If you like this sticker, you should totally take a peek at our Soul Shine Sticker too. It pairs well with this one.

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Weight 1.5 lbs


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