Classic Van Sticker, Bahama Bo's, 3.5"

+ 3.5″ Vinyl Sticker

+ Perfect for the Car, Laptops, & Notebooks

+ Indoor/Outdoor Approved

+ Laminated for Added Protection

+ Made in the USA



The Classic Van Sticker, by Bahama Bo’s.

Let’s not pretend. If you’re on this page, reading this, you’re a trailblazer. An adventurer. You can enjoy the simple things in life. And you’re going places. No. Not “going places” like in the boring cliche sense, like people say at a graduation commencement speech. No, you’re literally going places. A lot. You explore. You do.

This particular classic van sticker is head-on, coming at you. It says, “Here I come.” It might say, “Get out of my way,” but in a friendly, smile-as-you-drive-by-and-wave-while-your-hair-blows-in-the-wind kind of way. It does not say, “Where is my valet, and there better be a mint on my pillow.” There are enough of those kinds of people in the world already. Unfortunately, there is only one of you, and only a few of “us.”

Bahama Bo’s Classic Van Sticker is an indoor/outdoor vinyl sticker. Perfect for cars, laptops, school notebooks, or anywhere you might want to remind people that you’re having fun, spontaneously, and pretty often.

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Weight 1.5 lbs


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