Soul Shine Sticker, Bahama Bo's, 6.5"

+ 6.5″ Vinyl Sticker

+ Perfect for the Car, Laptops, & Notebooks

+ Indoor/Outdoor Approved

+ Laminated for Added Protection

+ Made in the USA



Soul Shine Sticker, Bahama Bo’s, 6.5″ Vinyl

When’s the last time a sticker made you feel good? Like warm-fuzzies, silly grin, at-peace-with-the-world, let’s-all-just-get-along kind of feel good. No, there’s nothing unusual about the sticker’s glue. No, there’s not some sort of magic spell on it. But there is a special idea behind it. Just say it to yourself one time. “You gotta let your soul shine, man.” Just whisper it to yourself. Hear the words. There’s a certain ring to it. There’s power in those words. Freedom. That’s why we put it on a sticker. Now all you have to do is put it somewhere, and let it be an encouragement.

This Soul Shine Sticker by Bahama Bo’s is an indoor/outdoor vinyl sticker. Perfect for cars, lap tops, school notebooks, or any place you’d like to create a momentary smile.

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Weight 1.5 lbs


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