Variety Stickers, Bahama Bo's 5-Pack

+ Variety Pack

+ Perfect for the Car, Laptops, & Notebooks

+ Indoor/Outdoor Approved

+ Laminated for Added Protection

+ Made in the USA



Now you can canvass your environment–your area–with a variety of feel-good stickers. With them, you’re accomplishing several important things. First, you’re spreading the love. The overall feel-good vibes you’re spreading is bound improve the mood of any space. Second of all, you’re making an undeniable statement. You are fun. And fun to be around. How so? Well, what do you get when you add a thumbs up, a surf board, two awesome angles of a super-cool, beachy van, and then add some puppy love to it? Exactly. Make a statement with this assortment of Bahama Bo’s stickers.

Bahama Bo’s Variety Stickers 5-Pack are all indoor/outdoor vinyl stickers. They are all perfect for cars, lap tops, school notebooks, or anywhere that needs some extra feel-goods.

Want to see them individually?

Salty Surfboard Sticker

Thumbs Up Sticker

Soul Shine Sticker

Classic Van Sticker

Puppy Love Sticker

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs


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