Reef Safe Sunscreen VS Traditional Sunscreen


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Depending on where you plan to make a splash, it’s important to choose the right sunscreen. If you’re lucky enough to be slippin’ on some flippers in the turquoise waters of an exotic beach somewhere, then you’ll probably want reef safe sunscreen spray that won’t harm the corals. If you’re leaning more toward a day of dippin’ in a sky-blue pool, or lounging at the lake, you might prefer a more traditional sunscreen that makes use of popular, tried-and-true sun-blocking ingredients.

Bahama Bo’s Reef Safe Sunscreen and Bahama Bo’s Traditional Sunscreen Share Several Appealing Benefits:

+ Both are Water Resistant and Sweat Resistant 80 Minutes (Then Reapply)

+ Both Offer Broad Spectrum Protection Against UVA and UVB Rays, But with Different Formulas

+ Both are Available in SPF 30

Bahama Bo’s Reef Safe Sunscreen Benefits Include:

+ Our reef safe sunscreen DOES NOT contain the popular sun-blocking chemicals oxybenzone or octinoxate, which are both known for safely protecting human skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but also cause a negative impact on coral reefs according to recent studies.

+ Our reef safe sunscreen comes in a continuous spray bottle for quick and easy application.

+ Our reef safe sunscreen is paraben free, sulfate free, and gluten free. That means your skin is smiling, big-time.

Bahama Bo’s Traditional Sunscreen Benefits Include:

+ Our traditional sunscreen combines five safe and effective sunblocking ingredients that work together to create strong, broad spectrum protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

+ Our traditional sunscreen comes in lotion form which is ideal protection for your face. Our sunscreen lotion can be used on your whole body (the parts that would normally get exposure to the sun).

+ Our traditional sunscreen comes in convenient, travel-size bottles that are airline approved and feature a clippable design made to easily attach to your beach bag, backpack, purse, belt loop, etc.

The Best of Both Worlds:

If you’re not swimming around coral reefs, it’s probably best to get both sunscreen spray and sunscreen lotion. The spray is fast and easy to apply, and your skin will love it because it’s paraben free, sulfate free, and gluten free. And the lotion is great for your face (none of that holding-your-breath silly-business).

But at the end of the day, when the sun starts to set, Bahama Bo’s stands behind both of our sunscreen products. They’re both safe for your skin, good for broad spectrum protection, and water resistant for 80 minutes (then reapply). It’s a win win with Bahama Bo’s. Dive in to the good stuff.