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Bahama Bo's

Bahama Bo’s was founded in 2007 with the goal of making quality, made-in-the-USA suncare and skincare items. We strive to source all products in the US and to have them made with only the best ingredients. (NOTE: Because of the pandemic we have expanded our sanitizer manufacturing to multiple locations in the US and one location in Mexico–and our products DO NOT CONTAIN methanol.) We are a family business and operate daily in a family environment and with small-town family values. We hope to make the world a little better and little safer by blazing the trail for items like reef-friendly sunscreen that helps protect our families from the sun’s harmful rays while using ingredients that do not harm our cherished ocean reefs and their delicate ecosystems.

Bahama Bo’s growing catalog of quality products includes:

+ Sport Sunscreen

+ Flavored Lip Balm

+ Moisturizing Hand Soap

+ Hand Sanitizer

+ Color Tinted Lip Shimmer

+ Premium Soy Wax Candles

+ Beachy Hair Ties

+ Fun Stickers

“You cannot underestimate the value of building strong relationships in every area of your business. Bankers matter. Employees matter. Investors matter. Vendors matter. Customers really matter. Family really, really, really matters. And most important, your faith in God had better matter the most because when everything else fails, you can depend on that relationship being as solid as a rock.”

– Bo Worthy, Founder




Bahama Bo's
1515 Kowaliga Rd.
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