Coronavirus Travel Tips: When to Use Hand Sanitizer


Life has changed a lot since we all heard the word “coronavirus.” As of now, most of the country has been asked to work from home, and if we are sick, we are asked to self-quarantine. If you live in California, the state is telling you to stay home. But even if you live in California, there are still some essential errands residents need to make. According to a recent article on about the stay-at-home quarantine law now in place in California, “Under the order, essential services such as groceries, pharmacies, gas stations, farmers markets, food banks, convenience stores and delivery restaurants will remain open. So will banks, local government offices that provide services and law enforcement agencies.”

As we all make changes to our daily routines to try to restrict our activities to stay at home, if we are not sick, we may find it necessary to venture out into the world to run essential errands. It’s important to keep several things in mind when we do go out in public–if you’re not sick and haven’t been exposed–during this time of quarantine. While handwashing is one of the most highly recommended activities to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, sometimes soap and water are not available. So what do we do when we have touched a foreign surface in public and we want to help prevent the spread of the virus?

Coronavirus Travel Tips to Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus for Non-Sick/Not-Exposed People

+ Try not to touch anything; assume the coronavirus is on everything.

+ If you can, wear protective gloves (such as latex) while you are in public. If you don’t have gloves, keep some hand sanitizer on you.

+ If you do have to touch anything, imagine you just got the virus on your hand and try not to cross-contaminate other surfaces. To kill the virus use hand sanitizer of at least 60% or more.

+ Use hand sanitizer after touching each item you place in your basket.

+ Use hand sanitizer after touching doorknobs or other hard surfaces in public.

+ Use hand sanitizer immediately after checkout, especially if you had to touch technology such as a credit card machine.

+ Overall, use hand sanitizer immediately after touching anything in public.

Practicing these coronavirus travel tips can help prevent the spread of coronavirus. If you can’t find any hand sanitizer at your local stores (or if you don’t want to go to a local store to see if they have any in stock) you can order it online from

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