Ocean Fresh Scented Hand Sanitizer 1.5 Oz 5-Pack

+ Ocean Fresh Scented Hand Sanitizer (Original, Pre-Pandemic Scent)

+ Scent Resembles “Fresh Linen Scent”

+ Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for Moisturizing

+ Kills 99.9% of Germs

+ Travel Size 1.5 Oz Refillable Bottle 5-Pack

+ Convenient Carabiner Clip Included with Each Bottle

+ Made in the USA (FDA Registered; Safe to Use; No Recalls)



Ocean Fresh Scented Hand Sanitizer 1.5 Oz Travel Size Bottles with Carabiner, 5-Pack

Yes, this is our original Ocean Fresh scented hand sanitizer. It smells goooood. And it has vitamin E and aloe vera. This is the formula we used before the pandemic hit.

Right after the pandemic officially hit, everyone went straight to the store and bought all of the sanitizer. All. of. it. This created a demand for sanitizer like nothing else we’ve ever seen. From a manufacturing point of view, everything you need to make sanitizer in bulk became scarce or unavailable, including ethyl alcohol, bottles, hand pumps, fragrance, vitamin E, aloe vera, and coagulant to make it the proper gel-like consistency. These shortages effected small and large manufacturers alike, with complaints about the smell and consistency of sanitizer showing up on websites including Walmart.com, Target.com, and many brands sold on Amazon.com.

We are pleased to say the sanitizer for sale on this web page smells great. It’s not sticky, and it’s not stinky. Quite simply, it’s the good stuff. And as of right now, it’s only available in our 1.5 oz bottles. We’re working on getting it in larger quantities, hopefully in the near future.

This sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs, is made in the USA and is FDA registered (no recalls). The travel size is extra handy for the sanitizing needs of today. Just clip it to your belt loop, your bag, purse, backpack–anywhere you want to keep it close and ready to use. Each of these bottles are refillable too, which is great news because they are quite handy.

NOTE: When the pandemic hit, fragrance for manufacturing hand sanitizer became very hard to find, and still is. To help meet demand, Bahama Bo’s manufactured several short runs (small batches) of scented sanitizer that smelled great, but was not our original Ocean Fresh scented hand sanitizer. Those fragrances included coconut, mango, pina colada, and chocolate mint. The scent of the sanitizer for sale on this page could be described as a fresh linen scent.

If you like sanitizer that smells great, also take a look at our hand sanitizer spray pen.

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